Project: Recognize hand written digits

We'll develop and train a machine learning model to recognize hand written digits. 

Level: Beginner (No prerequisite)


Abraham Korssa, James Gonzalez , Rohin Dutt, Jeremy You, Apurva Mishra, Parmeshvar Prakash, Arielle Iosiv, Gavin House, Min Wang , Reilly Dowell, Aashi Soni, Neeleshmohan Mudalkar,  Nikhil Mathew

Project: Predict Epidemic

Develop a regression model that predicts the next day's Epidemic in a country based on features such as population dynamics, location, previous epidemic cases, etc. Extensive data preprocessing techniques such as data cleansing, normalization, feature scaling, and dimensionality reduction (such as Principal Components Analysis) will be utilized. 

Level:  Intermediate / Advanced

Prerequisites: An understanding of basic Machine Learning Regression concepts (ex. linear and polynomial regression) and a working knowledge of Python and high school algebra. The ML camp conducted by Community AI is sufficient. Data Preprocessing techniques will be discussed in detail as we go along


Richard Lian , Noah Stewart, Tanishk , Jash Pola, Sai Javvadi,  Abhinav Reddy