Award Winning Projects

Club Members' projects were awarded at different Science Fairs. Some of the projects are highlighted here.

Alphabetic Order of the Recipient's Name

Abhinav Reddy - Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease by Analyzing MRI and External Data: An Approach Using Machine Learning Random Forest and Linear Regression Models. 3rd Place in Manual Science Fair in Biomedical Engineering

Arjun Parmar - Engineering a Conversational Chatbot using AIML that analyzes the College Admissions Decisions. 2nd Place in System Software at Manual Science Fair

James Gonzalez - The Effect of Annealing on Cluster Formations. NJSHS Finalist, 1st Place Manual and State Science Fair, Physics and Astronomy, US Air Force Award, ISEF Finalist

Jash Pola - Utilizing Saltwater Batteries to Power USB Devices During Natural Disasters. 3rd Place Sustainable Materials and Design in Manual Science Fair and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration winner.

Jeremy You - Determining the Optimal Amount of Sugar in Water to Extend Flower Life 4th Place in Plant Science at Manual Science Fair

Khushi Pola - NJSHS Finalist

Rahim Kahloon - Which Type of Acne Medication Best Inhibits Bacterial Growth. 1st Place in Microbiology at Manual Science Fair and 3rd Place at the State Fair

Richard Lian - Autonomous Radiation Heat Transfer Cooking Device for Microgravity. 1st Place Engineering Mechanics at Manual Science Fair and 3rd Place in the State Fair.

Rishi Vinukonda - Earthquake Detector 3rd Place in Manual Science Fair in Environmental Engineering

Sai Javvadi - Which Oil is Best to Use to Create a Ferrofluid Capable of Retrieving Microplastics? 3rd Place in Chemistry at Manual Science Fair

Shraman Kar - CropMates: The Development of a Low-cost IoT and AI-based Integrated System and Mobile App for Maximizing Crop Yield to Reduce Hunger and Optimize Water Usage. NJSHS Finalist, USAID for International Development Winner, KJAS Grand Prize Winner 2nd Place, International Spellman HV Cleantech Competition Finalist, Featured on TV (WLKY)

Shreyas Kar - NextCare: An Intelligent System for the Low-Cost Early Diagnosis and Remote Monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease using Machine Learning, Signal Processing, and Wearable Technology. Regeneron ISEF Grand Award (4th) Winner, Regeneron ISEF Special Award Winner, ISEF Finalist, Best of Fair Physical Science and 1st Place Robotics and Intelligent Machine at Manual Science Fair and 2nd Place in the State Fair.

Tanishk Natu - HeartTrack: Implementing a Novel Approach that Assists in Heart Disease Diagnosis by Constructing a User-Input Risk & Probability Estimation Calculator with Machine Learning at its Core. 2nd Place in Manual Science Fair Computational Biology and Bioinformatics